Ten reasons to make singing your drug of choice

Ten reasons to make singing your drug of choice: Release endorphins and increases levels of oxytocin Improve posture, breathing and blood-flow Save money: our voice is our free human instrument Create new neural pathways and improve brain meta-plasticity Ward off age-related decline by continuously ‘exercising’ your brain Heal depression, strokes and speech abnormalities Promote social […]

High Note

Sign up to sing in a choir and you’ll not only reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, you’ll also boost cytokines, proteins released by the immune system that help fight off illness, according to a Royal College of Music study.  Singing was also identified as one of the top 10 mood boosters in University […]

‘Scratch’ Choir Success!

On Saturday 8 October I was delighted to be involved in ‘Sing’, a scratch choir event for Cransley Hospice in Kettering.  I have had the pleasure of leading a scratch choir from Frutarom in Wellingborough.  The 11 group members who work at Frutarom in different departments have never sung before but volunteered to form a workplace […]

More new pupils

Things are becoming very busy which is just wonderful.  Sadly I am having to say “no” to some enquiries as my week is now full, especially after school hours. Welcome to Kira who I am meeting this evening for her first lesson and to Katie who has started lessons recently.