Practise Ideas

A 10 minute tone up to warm up and relax your body before singing practise:

SP10 Amb

Stand with your arms by your side, breathe normally and keep head and shoulders relaxed at all times.

Drop your chin to your chest and very gently roll your head to the left, back to centre, to the right, back to centre and up again. Repeat 5 times.

Raise your shoulders towards your head then gently rotate them back, down and forwards. Repeat 5 times then reverse the direction.  Shake out arms when completed.

Bend forward from the waist and let arms drop forward towards the floor.  Slowly unfold the body and raise arms above your head. Stretch the arms up then out to the side then back to their natural position.  Repeat this 5 times.

Keep head relaxed and facing forward, open mouth and ‘yawn’ twice then inhale to a count of 5 and exhale to a count of 15.

‘Yawn’ and stretch out your arms and face.

Stretch and scrunch your face 5 times.

Say “wow” silently 5 times making it bigger each time to really stretch your face.


  • Stand with your feet hip distance apart.
  • Bend knees keeping the spine as lengthened and upright as possible. Immediately the muscles just above the groin become ‘toned’, and start supporting the lower back. Breathing is automatically deepened, and exhalation becomes more muscular.
  • Tuck your pelvis under you (softly squeeze your butt.)
  • Pull up tall out of the hips and waist.
  • Lengthen the back of your neck up to the ceiling as if you were standing against a wall.
  • Shrug shoulders back and down loosely but falling heavily. ‘aah’ whilst shrugging.
  • Shake out hands, close eyes, take long, deep breaths in and out, hum on the out-breath.
  • Chin tucked slightly in and down; keep an “apple” between your chin and throat.
  • Yawn and stick tongue out as far as possible.