Why Learn to Sing?

Music symbolWhy Learn to Sing?

Learning to sing is a great way to improve your confidence and health. Whether you are serious and wish to follow a career in singing, or if you just want to sing for fun, you learn about aspects of your mind and body which help you with concentration, breathing, general wellbeing and organisation.  Singing can help you overcome anxieties and help you to stay healthy.  Making singing part of your lifestyle helps you to manage the stress of real life, achieve more, and the benefits of performing with others is proven to be very beneficial to health and well-being.

Singing can be one of the most difficult skills to learn, however, with an understanding of the voice it can be relaxing and simple.  I will give you a technical understanding of how the voice works as a musical instrument, and will help you to build a strong and effortless technique.  I will also work on repertoire with you to develop your skills in performance, overcoming stage fright and commanding your audience.

I tailor each lesson specifically to your individual needs.SP3 Amb